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Here is a list of interfaith storytelling books:

  • Doorways to the Soul: Fifty-two Wisdom Tales From Around the World. Elisa Pearmain. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press,1998.

  • Keepers of the Story. Megan McKenna and Tony Cowan. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books,1997.

  • Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About. Margaret Read McDonald. Hamden, Ct: Linnet Books, 1992.

  • Sacred Stories: A Celebration of the Power of Stories to Transform and Heal. Edited by Charles and Anne Simpkinson. San Francisco: Harper, 1993.

  • Soul Food: Stories to Nourish the Spirit and Heart. Edited by Christina Feldman and Jack Kornfield. San Francisco: Harper, 1996.

  • The Moon in the Well: Wisdom Tales to Transform Your Life, Family and Community. Erica Helm Meade. Chicago: Open Court, 2001.

  • Wisdom Tales From Around the World. Edited by Heather Forest. Little Rock: August House, 1996.


If you know of other interfaith storytelling books, please send the information to Gert Johnson.